There is a close relationship between the human gut microbiota and human health.

Yet, we still understand very little about the ecosystem inside our gut.

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At MedBiome, we believe that studying the human gut microbiome and its impacts on human health will transform how we conduct drug development, and eventually lead to innovative ways of treating diseases.

MedBiome has developed a series of unique core technologies related to compound screening against individual microbiomes that it can deploy for a number of applications relevant to drug discovery and development.


A high-throughput microbiome drug discovery platform

Accelerated drug discovery

Lead candidate identification & validation

Compound testing

Patient profiling & stratification

Potential Applications of RapidAIM

  • Screen repurposed drugs

  • Develop novel and preclinical compounds

  • RapidAIM
  • Screen for off target effects on the microbiome

  • Screen natural compounds and supplements

  • Stratify patients based on their microbiome response

  • More...

Innovations on human gut microbiome based drug discoveries

MedBiome focuses on the development of drugs that target the human microbiome. Our mission is to identify drugs that target the microbiome to improve human health.

MedBiome was launched in 2018 as the result of technologies developed at the University of Ottawa.

MedBiome is located in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

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