MedBiome supports a series of precision therapeutics and nutrition trials based on the RapidAIM ® assay.

MedBiome develops small molecule drugs and prebiotics by combining the RapidAIM ex vivo assay with our collections of living microbiomes.  RapidAIM enables identification of the most promising compounds for modulating the production of specific gut microbiome metabolites.

-Discovery  of development candidates for microbiome precision therapeutics and nutrition.

-Pre-clinical testing performed using live,  ex vivo human gut microbiomes obtained from patients.


The RapidAIM technology is also being used in a series of ongoing clinical trials to enable the selection of personalized or precision nutritional and therapeutic interventions.  The expected outcomes are:

-Precision microbiome nutritional and therapeutic products.

-Diagnostic tests to match patients with the appropriate microbiome nutrition and therapeutics.