MedBiome licenses the RapidAIM technology from the University of Ottawa.

MedBiome is pleased to announce that it has exclusively licensed the RapidAIM technology from the University of Ottawa. RapidAIM is a revolutionary assay to rapidly determine the effects of compounds on individual human living microbiomes. RapidAIM fidelity maintains functional living human microbiomes in 96 well plates and allows the testing of drugs for their effects on the microbiome for up to 5 days. RapidAIM is used to identify compounds that change the composition of the human microbiome, promote the productions of specific metabolites by the human microbiome and for the stratification of patients based on their microbiome responses. MedBiome is using the RapidAIM technology to identify microbiome metabolic modulators that promote the production of specific metabolites in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Chronic kidney disease and Colorectal cancer. MedBiome also provides access to RapidAIM through partnerships.