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MedBiome RapidAIM technology allows the rapid screening of compounds against individual human microbiomes and greatly accelerates the discovery of compounds that target the human microbiomes. Our current technology can also be used to de-risk compounds, stratify patients based on their microbiome responses and other applications.

Using RapidAIM, MedBiome is focusing on the development of compounds that modulate the production of specific metabolites by the human microbiome, specific microbial pathways and enzymes.

1st franchise: MedBiome's program to develop new therapeutic approaches for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Preclinical development of compounds that modulate the production of specific metabolites by the human gut microbiome: A smarter approach to diseases

IBD is on the rise worldwide

IBD map

Initial In vitro therapeutic screening in Canada

Our novel microbiome assays rapidly assess the effects of compounds on individual human microbiomes

We are targeting the metabolic pathways in the gut microbiome altered in pediatric IBD patients

Development of therapeutic targets for IBD

Screening for compounds that target Enzymes

Screening for compounds that target Pathways

Personalized microbiome medicine

Collaboration and Contact

MedBiome also partners its advanced microbiome technology, called RapidAIM, for drug discovery, compound screening and development needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. MedBiome:

  • focuses on screening compounds against individual microbiomes (human and animals)
  • develops compound libraries that can reach the gut microbiome
  • provides industry leading functional metaproteomics, metagenomics and metabolomics approaches
  • provides leading bioinformatics and software tools to assess the effects of drugs on the microbiome

For more information about MedBiome and interests in collaborations

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Innovations on human gut microbiome based drug discoveries

MedBiome focuses on the development of drugs that target the human microbiome. Our mission is to identify drugs that target the microbiome to improve human health.

MedBiome was launched in 2018 as the result of technologies developed at the University of Ottawa.

MedBiome is located in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

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